Flashback Friday. Hats and Snow.

Here we are again with another Flashback Friday post.
A lot of these posts involve just me and my sister for a couple of reasons. 
One, because we are close in age and two, because a lot of the photos I have on hand involve just us.
But I do have other siblings and I promise to include them as the year goes on.

Here we are. At grandma's house again.
Wearing hats she gave us with our names etched all over them.
She always monogrammed everything.
From the time I was born to late teens, everything had my name on it.
And you know what? I love my name so I'm okay with that. 
Hey mom, do you still have those hats somewhere?

Some things I love?
I love that my face shows me trying to catch a snowflake.
I love Nelly's red little face.
I love my totally 80's winter coat and boots.
And I love the sled.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend!


  1. okay so either I have a super icky red stuff on my face or I am so cold. Cute picture though! Love ya sista

  2. I love that you do this every Friday! :) So FUN!!!


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