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Still here...for a little bit anyway

We are still here.
Still alive and kicking.
Although from the bags under our eyes, it would look otherwise. Eeek!
I've been in a bit of a funk lately and by lately I mean since December.
But Spring is in the air and with that comes a hope for new things.
I have several trips planned, both business and personal.
I have family I get to see very soon so I count myself lucky.
So here is to Spring and hopefully some sun.
Also, in the next couple of weeks we will have a new blog.
This has been great for the last three years but I'm hoping the new blog will be even better!
Mainly it's just a name change with a few little updates and a new look.
Expect a little design, a few marriage tips/ideas, and a lot of us still 
for family and friends (Hi Guys!).
I've also had requests for some recipe posts so those will be added occasionally as well.
New blog will debut on the first day of Spring (of course), March 20th.
See you then!



I have a love/hate relationship with Valentines.
I think it's a good enough reason to go on a date but I hate how most men (not mine) use it as the only day of the year to take their lady out. To that I say, man up guys.
Don't go grab flowers and chocolates just because society is telling you too. Do it because you want to and do it some other day of the year when she isn't expecting it. It's always better that way anyway.

With that said, I also love Valentines. I sort of have a crush on the color combo pink and red.
I love the glitter and sparkle.
I also enjoy the idea of candles and flowers (although not roses...I dislike roses).

So because of this bipolar relationship, we tend to do different things every year for Valentines.
Sometimes we will actually go out and do the whole sha-bang, and sometimes we just stay in.
This year we chose to stay in and I couldn't be happier about that.
We plan on having take-out, watching a movie by the fire, and then....
well... Kris will study. What did you think I was going to say? ;)

Happy Valentines Day to you all and a special Happy Valentines Day to my Valentine. 
I'm glad you're mine.


Rapunzel. Flashback Friday.

My sister and mom have been working recently on scanning my mom's slides onto the computer. While talking to them yesterday my sister said, 
"Man Corissa, you had some crazy hair."
It's no secret that hair has never been my forte.
I've come to terms with that.
But it doesn't make it any easier to look at some of these pictures.
Maybe one Friday I will post just pictures of my hair.
That would be interesting.

So my sister continued on saying that she had found a picture perfect for my Flashback Friday posts. I immediately had her send it over and well...here it is. 

These are my dear cousins. We were super close growing up and found ourselves putting on plays, programs, and dances constantly. This particular photograph was a play we had been working on. I believe it had something to do with Cinderella and Rapunzel, thus the "ball gowns" (aka my moms old prom dresses) and the hair (aka the yarn I am wearing).
It was taken in my parents old kitchen although you wouldn't recognize it now with the remodeling done since then.
For this particular day though, it was our stage. 
I love so many little things about this photograph like little Kimberlee's wig, cousin Rachel's scary face, and my dramatic pose. I should have gone into theater with that form.


Flashback Friday. Hats and Snow.

Here we are again with another Flashback Friday post.
A lot of these posts involve just me and my sister for a couple of reasons. 
One, because we are close in age and two, because a lot of the photos I have on hand involve just us.
But I do have other siblings and I promise to include them as the year goes on.

Here we are. At grandma's house again.
Wearing hats she gave us with our names etched all over them.
She always monogrammed everything.
From the time I was born to late teens, everything had my name on it.
And you know what? I love my name so I'm okay with that. 
Hey mom, do you still have those hats somewhere?

Some things I love?
I love that my face shows me trying to catch a snowflake.
I love Nelly's red little face.
I love my totally 80's winter coat and boots.
And I love the sled.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend!



I kind of like you.
In fact, I like you a lot more this year because you are warm.
60 degrees this week is just fine with me.
I just hope it means that winter won't hit us in March.
 Even if it does, my boots have been waiting patiently to be worn.
But don't worry, they won't be that offended if you let Spring come early instead.



January Photo-A-Day Challenge.

I've been participating in a 2012 Instagram Challenge set up by fat mum slim.
 January is over which means...one month down and eleven to go. 
I tried to get creative with the challenges but then most days I ended up just doing the obvious.
My goal for next month? To push it a little further and think outside the box.
 Anyway, here was the challenge followed by my photos for the month (in order).
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